Your donations go towards sharing Islam all over the world! 
  • ​Sharing Islam to 1000's across the globe.
  • ​Teaching 1000's the basics of Islam.
  • Sharing 1,000,000 of leaflets about Islam
  • ​Sharing Islam in over 100 countries
Why give a monthly donation?
As a direct result of this noble effort iERA is able to:
  • Train people how to effectively share Islam.
  • Write design and distribute dawah materials.
  • Teach ​new Muslims how to pray.
  • Organise campaigns, events and deliver lectures.
  • Engage in international outreach work.
How far do my donations actually go?
​iERA help share the beautiful message of Islam in over 100 countries with our team of 100 duaat. ​
We've traveled to villages in Namibia, Botswana and Tanzania to share Islam with local nomadic tribes.
As well as taught thousands how to pray in MexicoArgentina and Philippines to name but a few.
How do I get involved?
Is there a good deed better than calling people to Islam? Allah tells us in The Qur'an that dawah (inviting people to Islam) is the act most loved by him.
The Prophet Muhammed said "...the most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even though it were little.”
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